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    Our clients are also our partners, creating a networked symbiotic relationship to sustainably improve the world.

    MSL needed administrative support in establishing their presence in Tulum. We assisted with real estate research, and branding support through social media.

    My Stock Life

    Trading Lifestyle Brand
    RevoFi will revolutionize the world of connectivity and allow you to earn while doing so. We're working together to develop their Alliance Program.


    Decentralized Wireless Infrastructure
    The Melting Class needs a learning management system and we're working together to customize our Skodify product for their needs.

    The Melting Class

    Global ESL Platform
    RTC has proprietary trading algorithms in the crypto space using BTC volatility to trade options and futures through Deribit providing over 30% annualized returns. We are developing their fund programming.

    Red Talon Capital

    Automated Investments in Crypto Options
    We're in direct collaboration with the Marconi family to renovate and program the utility of the their iconic palace in Bologna.

    Marconi Legacy

    The Marconi Palace
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    We support your business and empower society in the process.

    Build strategies, build confidence, build your business.​

    Data Science

    Make Data-Driven Decisions

    You have data flowing through your organization and need actionable insights. We can help!


    We'll strategize the output you need, the scientific method of research, and deliver the resulting infographics.


    Rocket Your Business

    We launch our own products and have been through iteration after iteration for various brands. Now we can use our experience to streamline your start-up.


    We're open to any concept but focus on Social & EdTech, FinTech, Media, Telecom, Realty and Fitness.


    Skill Your Passion

    We understand it's hard to find your passion, learn the skills that make you marketable, and not just get a degree that is as a good as a receipt. We'll help you or your child find an applied path to success.


    Share Your Creativity

    You're a performer, an actor, a dancer, musician, and/or influencer who needs support to be seen and heard. We can help!

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    These are our in-house proprietary brands of projects in the pipeline, which propel humanity forward.

  • We help take your small business

    to the next level and create an impactful ecosystem in the process.

    We have the hard experience to navigate an overwhelming world. We'll put our resources to work and our strategic planning to blueprint your future success.

    DEW Process is a Triple Entendre:

    • DOing something first and then PROCESSing it. Have the books supplement the practicum rather than the practicum supplement the books. It is about safely setting up the circumstance and learning by experiencing rather than merely studying the circumstance from a distance. So DO, then Process. 
    • The 14th amendment in the US judicial system of ensuring the right to a fair trial. In other words, cross your T’s and dot your I’s, make sure that due diligence is done for any given problem and that the results, opinions, and conclusions are constantly validated and cross-checked. Due Process
    • Finally, DEW is an acronym for Dreamer, Executor, and Worker. The three main components of a team necessary to effectively solve any given problem.
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